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    Millet Sponsored Expedition Receives Top Honors, New Jacket Released

    The MILLET sponsored, French High Mountain Military Group (GMHM), recently received accolades from Outside Magazine, by making the ”Adventurers of the Year” list for their daring expedition of Southern Chile’s Darwin Cordillera.  This history making mission marks the first ever complete crossing of one of the most remote, inaccessible, and infrequently visited mountain regions in the world.

    In preparation for the month long crusade, MILLET, who has sponsored GMHM for the past eight years, worked closely with the team of mountaineers to specially develop an innovative jacket, appropriately called the Darwin WDS, to protect them against the extremely brutal weather conditions they would soon face.

    “Our objective was to develop a jacket that would provide thermal protection in extremely cold conditions.  But it also needed to be waterproof, windproof, lightweight, and compressible.” Said designer Sophie Duflos, of the product development challenge.

    To fulfill these requirements, an exclusive internal construction was developed, using multiple staggered layers of Primaloft Sport insulation, thereby eliminating all potential cold spots.  Considered revolutionary in its design, the Darwin WDS accompanied the GMHM team on the grueling expedition, prior to being introduced at 2012’s Winter Outdoor Retailer.

    While the Darwin WDS provided sufficient warmth and protection for the crossing of the Cordillera, it is suitable for adventures closer to home, as well.  It was at OR, where one gear guru said of the jacket, “I’m from Minnesota, where we snowmobile and ice fish.  This is perfect.”

    Orders for fall ‘12 delivery of the Darwin WDS are still being accepted.  For more information, please contact Maro LaBlance, at [email protected].

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