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Sky-Lining Documentary: Not for the Faint of Heart

Perhaps your skiing trip to the mountains slipped through your fingers, but you’d still like to get up high and do more than just enjoy the sights. Why not high line from mountain to mountain? Seb Montaz and his crew love doing just that; climbing up high, securing tight ropes between peaks, gearing up and taking a big breath.

The short documentary (seen below in full) is filmed and edited by Seb Montaz. Filming took place on Mont Blanc range in the Frech Alps. Aerials were shot by Matias Lopes and Dino Raffault. Look below the film for music features.



  • the butcher’s ballroom/ gunpowder chant
  • chasing rabbits/down the rabbit hole
  • jemex/ song for someone
  • drunksoul/ pain of life

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