Zach Black Wins Breck’s Inaugural Rockstar Throwback Throwdown

     In 1984, Breck became Colorado’s first major resort to allow snowboarding, in 1985 Breck hosted the first ever Swatch World Snowboarding Championships, and today Breck paid homage to those historic events by hosting the inaugural Rockstar Throwback Throwdown, culminating 27 years of snowboarding history.

    Breckenridge team rider Zach Black was the overall men’s winner, and New Zealand rider Rebecca Sinclair was the overall women’s winner.

    As a part of this year’s Breck Spring Fever celebration and to commemorate Breck’s 50th Anniversary, the Rockstar Throwback Throwdown celebrated the progression of snowboarding, with competitor ages ranging from 13-48 years old. Competitors took on the Freeway Super Pipe, the longest in the world, and then a specially constructed 6-foot mini-pipe that is an exact replica of the first ever halfpipe built at Breck in 1985.  Legendary riders like Chris Pappas, Andy Brewer and Steve Link took on a pro field comprised of some of today’s best riders including Zach and Jake Black, Luke Mitrani, Danny Davis, Elijah Teeter, Steve Fisher and Chad Otterstrom for $10,000 in cash prizes.

    “This was the only competition I participated in this year,” said Teeter.  “And it’s the only one I will compete in next year.  What a great event.”

    The final results are as follows:

    Men Top 3

    1. Zach Black
    2. Dom Harrington
    3. Taylor Gold

    Women Top 3

    1. Rebecca Sinclair
    2. Silvia Mittermuller
    3. Ariel Gold

    Raddest Old Dude
    Chris Pappas

    Best Hand Plant
    Jack Black

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