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    Smart Extreme Introduces New 2012 Schedule of Kitesurfing Tours in Brazil

    Smart Extreme Inc, smartextreme.com, has released a 2012 schedule of kitesurfing tours it offers in Brazil (Fortaleza, Cumbuco, Paracuru, and Jericoacoara coastline).

    With steady predictable winds in the range of 20 – 30 knots from July through January, the Brazilian coastline between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara is a dream of all wind sports fans, including kiteboarders and windsurfers.

    Smart Extreme team has many years of experience in arranging kitesurfing tours that would be a dream of any kiteboarder. The company’s comprehensive knowledge of local weather, traditions, and connections provides customers with the best vacation of their life. The tours are a well-balanced combination of kiting, nightlife and as much Brazil sun as one can handle. Standard kite vacations are 10-day tours.

    “The windy season here is from July through January, so it is a perfect time to start planning for unforgettable kiteboarding downwinders. The kite tours include all breakfasts and hotel/transportation arrangements. You can leave your worries behind and just have a blast on the water all day long,” says Paul Craddock, VP of Smart Extreme, Inc. “You can bet on rapid improvement of your kiting skills, as well.”

    Experienced guides of Smart Extreme team are here to be a part of the best experience of your life and to show you places you could never find on your own. You will feel reborn after your vacation with us.

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