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    MRAA’s Gruhn Named to AMTECH Board of Directors

    MRAA’s Matt Gruhn Named to AMTECH Board of Directors | ActionHub

    The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announced today that Matt Gruhn has been named to the board of directors of the Association of Marine Technicians.

    Gruhn, president of MRAA, brings more than 15 years of industry experience to the AMTECH board, the majority of which was spent at the helm of Boating Industry magazine and its numerous ancillary products. He developed an intimate understanding of how marine service departments and their employees succeed through his leadership of the Top 100 Dealers Program. And he was selected as the president of MRAA in October of 2011.

    “The members of the MRAA have great interest in the success of the marine industry’s technicians,” Gruhn says. “The relationship between the success of individual technicians and the individual dealerships is very closely connected, and we at the MRAA are honored to play a part in guiding the direction and opportunities that AMTECH provides both of these constituents.”

    Joe De Marco, president of AMTECH added, “We are very honored to have Matt serve on our board, and I look forward to working with him in the coming years. There are numerous synergies between MRAA and AMTECH, and Matt and I both believe that AMTECH’s technical training provides the necessary core skills that technicians need in order to meet today’s advancing technology and also serves as a perfect prerequisite to manufacturer product-­‐specific training. We expect that a stronger working relationship between AMTECH and MRAA will assist the industry’s efforts to increase participation in boating.”

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