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    One Pound Tent Sleeps Four and Props Up with a Walking Stick

    Mountain Hardwear has questioned the design of traditional tents and developed a one pole (and one pound) solution. The tent, called Hoopla 4, does away with traditional poles and replaces them with a ring that they call the Trussring supported by a hiking stick that is not included in the pack contents. The main structure form relies on the fabric itself which is made of a single layer of 20D nylon.

    This tent hit the market last month and won the company a 2011 Gear Junkie Outdoor Retail Best in Show.

    The tent weighs 1 pound and 10 ounces and folds down into 20 x 4 inches (50.8 x 10.2 cm) and the Trussring breaks down into 10 segments that measure at 14.1 inch (36 cm) when apart. To set up the tent, campers need a hiking stick of their own or any wooden walking stick picked up along the hike. Mountain Hardwear envisions this being a minimal tent for low-impact trips or as an emergency shelter.

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