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    A New Waterfall Explorer App

    Bridgewater LLC Outdoor Apps has recently released a new I-phone app called Waterfall Explorer. An app created for the outdoorsman, photographer, explorer, or just about anybody looking to find something unique in the great outdoors.
    Waterfall explorer takes the GNIS system using longitude and latitude to help you find water features to explore. Features are consisting of all known waterfalls, hot springs, rapids, and natural springs that can be found on public land anywhere in the United States, with the longitude, latitude, and elevation giving of each feature you choose.

    Search for features using two different formats. One being choosing the state and the county with in that state you hope to explore or find a feature. Pick the feature you want to find or choose all showing all water features with in that county. Option two is use your current location using your I-phone built in GPS as well as picking the mile radius you want to cover from where you are located. Once again pick the feature you are looking for or all in hopes of finding something worth your time. Once you have located a feature you are interested simply click the balloon giving you the name and information about the feature. Then click the link for directions and the app will automatically show you the route to take on the map as well as an estimated travel time.

    Features such as waterfalls, hot springs, springs, and rapids in the outdoors are everywhere and it’s all about finding them and knowing where to go especially when it comes to the waterfalls that need to be seen. Let the Waterfall Explorer App from Bridgewater LLC Outdoor apps help you find your way and let it help you get outdoors and exploring.

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