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    Jackson Kayak Officially Launches Its Newest Fishing Kayak

    Jackson Kayak has once again teamed up with professional kayak angler pioneer Drew Gregory to announce the release of their newest fishing kayak, the Big Tuna – a solo or tandem fishing vessel. The launch date for the highly anticipated boat is set for Monday, April 2. This is the third fishing kayak that Jackson Kayak and Gregory have developed together following last year’s Coosa and the ‘Cuda, released earlier this year.

    The Big Tuna is a vessel unlike any other on the market, with several never-before-seen features in the kayak fishing world. One of the unique elements is the “Tuna Tank” (patent pending), a bait/live well that requires no plumbing or electronics. The operating directions are to simply put your kayak in the water. It’s that simple, because it utilizes wa¬ter from beneath the boat to circulate into the tank keeping fish lively and fresh. The tank also resides in the center of the boat for easy ac¬cess, bait management and optimum boat performance.

    This one-of-a-kind boat took a diverse and experienced team to develop. Gregory worked once again with head of research and development Tony Lee and top assistant Scott Henderson. Also contributing unique elements was veteran kayak architect Joe Walton. Together with Jackson Kayak’s “head coach” Joe Pulliam, they have delivered a smart, feature-rich boat for enthusiasts in the burgeoning kayak fishing market.

    “The Big Tuna is literally the most versatile kayak I’ve ever seen,” Gregory explained. “Sure, it’s a fishing kayak that can handle any style of fishing and do it with multiple anglers in the boat, but it is also built to handle any number of activities from general family recreation, to scuba, snorkeling, hunting, crabbing, lobstering, bow fishing, spear fishing and of course it’s the perfect guide boat!”

    “I can’t tell you how fired up I am to finally have a tandem fishing kayak for myself and our customers,” said Eric Jackson, president of Jackson Kayak and member of the JK fishing team. “This kayak is a game changer for fishermen worldwide.”

    Other prominent Big Tuna features include the popular elite seats, with Jackson Kayak’s signature “hi/lo” seating as well as the new “face-time” seating. This allows users to rotate the front seat and face their part¬ner. The boat’s functionality allows for more than 100 seating combinations. Jackson Kayak’s architects have made the Big Tuna easily convertible and fishable as a solo boat as well.

    The Big Tuna will retail for $1,399 ($1,599 with rudder) and measures 14.1 feet in length and 35.5 inches in width. The boat will have a weight capacity of 575 pounds.

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