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    Deep Impact Boats Debuts Its New 399′ Power Boat Complementing the Largest Yacht on Display During the Palm Beach International Boat Show

    Just like in a scene right out of a James Bond movie, boat enthusiasts who will be visiting the Palm Beach International Boat Show this weekend will be in for a visual treat.

    Deep Impact Boats, one of the leading South Florida custom boat manufacturers, will be delivering a fully customized Deep Impact 399′ open that will serve as the “runabout” tender vessel for the ultra luxurious 200′ Benetti yacht.

    This state-of-art open fisherman comes equipped with large T-top, side door, air conditioning in head compartment, towing eye for towing boat behind the yacht. The Deep Impact has been custom painted to color coordinate with the yachts’ motif.

    What makes Deep Impact boats so attractive to those with discriminating tastes, says General Manager Tim Gallagher, is the manufacturer’s ability to create the boat of their customer’s dreams.

    “Each boat we make is like a piece of fine art. There are no two alike. When a customer buys a Deep Impact boat, he is purchasing a first-in-class product that has been meticulously crafted to the customer’s specifications.  Each boat we build however has the perfect blend of performance, aesthetics and utility to reflect the customer’s lifestyle.”

    photo: Deep Impact Boats

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