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    Antibes Yacht Show Announces Partnership With Ferrari Dealer Modena Motors Cannes

    Antibes Yacht Show is very happy to welcome Modena Motors Cannes this year.  The Ferrari and Maserati dealer will exhibit the new jewels of the Italian car industry. Yacht lovers are very often passionate with exceptional cars, it made sense to bring the two together.

    Modena Motors Cannes will feature the newest high-tech models, worth between 140,000€ to 280,000€ : California new version, 458 Spider, FF just came out less than a year ago. Also, we may have a Maserati exhibited at the show.

    Brand new Ferrari California, unveiled at Geneva car show in February 2012, lost 30 Kilos (66lbs) compared to previous version, and gained 30 horsepower. A new look but mostly a new technology enabling the California to reach 100km/hr in just 3.8 seconds, a mind-blowing performance !

    It comes with a “special handling” pack to provide a more extreme dynamic driving experience.

    Ferrari FF, meaning Ferrari Four (4 seats, 4 wheels drive),  is a brand new concept of sedan sport car. Equipped with a V12 engine with exceptional performance and polyvalence, it shows a refined elegance and offers drivers and passengers a unique experience. FF introduces the very first 4 wheels drive from the brand ; a system that weighs half less than any other similar system.

    The team of MODENA MOTORS CANNES, Ferrari and Maserati dealer for 15 years, will be happy to welcome you on its booth at the entrance of Quai Camille Rayon to show you the models live.

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