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    Industry Partnerships for ABC 2012 Support Louder Voice on Capitol Hill

    An impressive 12 industry groups will co-host this year’s ABC in Washington, DC on April 24-25.

    Committed co-hosts to date include the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, the Center for Coastal Conservation, the South Carolina Marine Association, the National Marine Distributors Association, the Boy Scouts/Sea Scouts, the Boating Trades Association of Metropolitan Houston, the U.S. Superyacht Association, the Association of Marina Industries, the National Marine Bankers Association, Michigan Boating Industries Association States Organization for Boating Access and the National Marine Manufacturers Association. As co-hosts, these organizations have committed themselves to growing the industry through partnership on public policy advocacy. Assembling from a wide variety of industry segments, these groups provide ongoing counsel and insight into what issues are of the most pressing interest to stakeholders and advocates, ensuring that ABC’s agenda will be packed with timely and relevant policy matters. These co-hosts will be attending ABC with representatives from their respective organizations, contributing to a dynamic dialogue during the event.

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