Ampair Holds Prices for 2012 and Introduce a Cheaper Regulator

    Ampair, the Dorset, UK based manufacturer of wind and water powered, 12, 24 and 48 Volt wind driven generators, have just announced that they will be holding prices for 2012 for their world renowned Ampair 100 and Ampair 300 machines.

    In spite of global increases in material costs, the company has spent the past months using their growing team of engineers and their experience to ensure that, by innovative design and economies of production, these two machines can continue to be marketed without any increase in cost to the end user.

    Additionally the design team has now developed a new, wind only, version of the 300 series regulator which will be sold at £60 less than its predecessor.

    Last year, in response to the growing demand for hybrid (wind/water/solar) packages, Ampair launched new regulators for this growing market. However, they realize that there is still a significant number of their customers who only use wind driven machines, which is why the new 300 wind only regulator has been created.

    Small scale generators continue to be the alternative power source of choice for serious, long distance yachtsmen the world over and many thousands of Ampair units are in service throughout the world’s oceans, surviving storms and temperature ranges which lesser machines can’t cope with.

    This is probably why these same machines are used to provide battery charging power in remote scientific, research and medical installations where no other power sources are available.

    Since the company re-located to Milborne St Andrew their business in much larger scale (230V Grid Connect) wind driven generators has expanded considerably and sales of these units, along with innovative new systems such as their helicopter deliverable, alternative energy power pods, are ensuring the continual growth and success of the Ampair Brand.

    Ampair will be hiring two new sales staff in the coming two months to cope with the increasing demand for its product in the marine market.

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