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    100T Boats Recovered Without Crane/Boat-hoist

    A French shipyard owner asked Roodberg for advice on how to handle all kind of vessels up to 100T weight and 30M length. Normally the client would consider a boat-hoist and separate transport trailer, but that’s impossible at his site.

    The restrictions was the yard-location itself, where nothing could be changed or added to the quay, slipway or buildings. Secondly the investment in 2 separate machines to do the job was too large to have a swift return on investment.

    The Roodberg custom made SLIPWAY SHIP TRAILER 100 combines the functions of a Travel- Lift and a Parking Trailer in one machine…… It recovers any boat on the existing slipway and, because of its independent steering front and rear wheels, it transports to any location or inside a building throughout the yard.

    Boats sit comfortably on 10 large soft pads, which is an enormous advantage after a boat has been freshly painted…. Working without slings is the best guarantee to deliver maximum quality to the boat-owner!

    The limited weight of the Slipway Ship Trailer 100 itself in combination with 4 sets of 4 wheels guarantees low ground pressure. This feature makes it possible to transport boats over almost any terrain!

    Combined with a limited investment, much lower than a Boat Hoist and Parking Trailer, this is the most economical way of handling boats up to 32M length.

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