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    Safety First: Actisense Create Quick Power Drop

    Actisense, the market leading marine electronics brand from Active Research Limited, based in Poole, UK, have recently launched the QPD-1. This Quick Power Drop device has been specifically designed with safety in mind to help operators gain a convenient and safe method for connecting a power source to a NMEA 2000® Network.

    The QPD-1 is able to provide a separated and protected power feed to both left and right sides of the backbone whilst enabling convenient diagnostic capability via LED’s indicating the presence and the polarity of the power feed. It also provides the ability to remove left and right fuses independently, allowing easy isolation of either side of the backbone. Integrated low drop, high current schottky diodes protect the backbone and the power sources from reverse polarity connections and potential back-feed. (If multiple power sources are used) Standard Automotive fuses are used and are easily replaceable if needed.

    As with the rest of the impressive Actisense product range, simplicity, safety and thoughtful design were at the heart of the creation of the QPD-1. For maximum flexibility, the device is available in two versions, one is fitted with M12 (micro-fit) connectors which allow plug and play connection to a backbone utilising micro-fit connectors; and the other fitted with screw fastening terminal block connectors for convenient connection to a backbone fabricated with bulk cable. Following a successful test phase, the product was launched in January 2012 and is now currently available from their stockists world-wide.

    Phil Whitehurst, Managing Director of Active Research Limited said, “We are delighted to bring the QPD-1 to market. Any device that enhances safety protocols for boat operators and owners will certainly be well received by the market. And with two separate versions, for added flexibility, we anticipate a significant level of demand for this product.”

    As they produce more than one product solution for powering a network, Actisense have also put together a downloadable Power Feed Guide for NMEA 2000 to help users decide which product is right for them.

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