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    New KOA Special Edition Rolla Roaster

    Campers have been roasting marshmallows at Kampgrounds of America (KOA) parks since the company’s beginnings 50 years ago. To commemorate five decades of toasty marshmallows across North America, KOA has partnered with Bob Holzer, inventor of the Rolla Roaster, to create a special yellow 50th anniversary edition.

    The Rolla Roaster has revolutionized marshmallow roasting thanks to a rotating knob that turns an extendable rod with a stainless steel fork at the end. The rotating knob allows the camper to turn a marshmallow 360° over a fire with just one hand. The Rolla Roaster also extends to a full 42 inches, providing a protective distance between the camper and the tasty marshmallow slowly roasting over a campfire.

    Holzer lost his left arm to polio at an early age and began inventing tools that can be easily used with only one hand. “If I can make it work with one hand, then it must work really well with two hands,” said Holzer. He invented the Rolla Roaster in 1981 so he could enjoy roasting marshmallows with friends by a fire pit at his house.

    KOA has been working with Holzer to bring campers the Rolla Roaster in KOA’s signature yellow color. Campers can now delight in a perfectly roasted marshmallow without having to hassle with old wire hangers or broken sticks.

    “The s’more is everyone’s favorite camping dessert and the special edition 50th Anniversary Rolla Roaster commemorates a time-honored tradition that campers can continue to enjoy for years to come,” said Jim Rogers, KOA President.

    The special edition 50th Anniversary Rolla Roaster is available at all KOA campsite stores. For more information on the special edition 50th Anniversary Rolla Roaster visit

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