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    New Affordable Comar Unit Creates Practical, On-board WiFi Network

    Comar’s new wireless NMEA-2-WiFi unit provides a low cost way to set up a wireless network on board.

    The versatile new unit also enables those on board to use the applications on their iPhone, iPad or PC to display a wide range of electronic data including position, AIS data, depth, wind and compass information.

    Simple to set up, Comar’s new NMEA-2-WiFi unit transmits NMEA 0183 data wirelessly so that the information can be viewed on a smart phone or tablet.

    “Combining a chartplotter and a Comar NMEA-2-WiFi allows the skipper (or anyone else on board) to view all the available navigation data on an iPad or iPhone, regardless of where they are on the vessel,” says Cameron Burch, Comar product manager at New Zealand distributor Lusty and Blundell Ltd.

    “Basically, it mean’s all the boat’s data is now also fully portable.”

    With two NMEA inputs multiplexed to a single WiFi output, the new Comar unit can accept and distribute data from any GPS or chartplotter and from any AIS receiver or transponder.

    “This means you need only one unit to collect and wirelessly transmit all the navigation data to virtually any ‘smart’ portable device,” says Burch.

    The new Comar wireless NMEA-2-WiFi unit is now available nationwide through Lusty and Blundell’s network of leading marine dealers.

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