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    New StructureScan HD Sonar Imaging System Introduced

    World-leading marine electronics brands Lowrance and Simrad Yachting announce today the next-generation of the revolutionary sonar imaging system, the LSS-2 StructureScan HD.

    Raising the bar in fish and structure-finding technology, the new system delivers more side-to-side coverage as well as greater target and bottom definition, allowing users to cover more water faster with unprecedented clarity and detail. The StructureScan HD sonar imaging module offers a new dimension in underwater, picture-like displays for more productive fishing, diving and search and recovery.

    Based on the Lowrance and Simrad Yachting innovation of the world’s first and only true DownScan Imaging technology combined with side-scan imaging, StructureScan HD includes an enhanced transducer design that features three dedicated signals for best-in-class crisp, clear views to the left, right and directly beneath your boat. The full-panoramic, picture-like returns are now even more impressive with sharper images of structure, fish, thermoclines and more.

    The new StructureScan HD system — compatible with Lowrance HDS, Simrad NSS, NSE and NSO, and B&G Zeus multifunction displays – also delivers a significant increase in side-scanning range capability. With the original StructureScan model, boaters and anglers have to choose between side-scanning farther with less detail, or scanning with less range to achieve greater detail. Now, with StructureScan HD, users will experience greater side-scanning range with no loss in resolution. In depths less than 50 feet, StructureScan HD can generate sidescan views that are twice as far with greater resolution. That means boats can cover more water faster, saving time and fuel while searching for productive areas for fishing, diving, search and recovery and more.

    Greg Konig, Product Line Director for Lowrance said: “The new StructureScan HD is the latest step forward in providing the best sonar electronics available to boaters.

    “Its unprecedented resolution and greater range offer extraordinary underwater views that will not only wow users, but will enhance their productivity resulting in more fish, more fun and more efficient use of time and fuel on the water.”

    When paired with the Lowrance HDS Gen2, StructureScan HD also supports StructureMap view — a powerful, innovative tool that allows users to overlay and save sidescan sonar images directly on a chart in real-time, or create StructureMap charts for a complete and detailed underwater view all around the boat. Compatible with Navionics cartography, users can easily create and view StructureMap detail on or off the water — without the aid of a computer.

    The StructureScan HD view also allows anglers to position the cursor anywhere on the screen to receive information on distance from the boat and target depth — for an exciting new level in precision bait or lure presentation.

    In addition the synchronised TrackBack™ function, which features simultaneous scroll-back in the recorded history of sonar and mapping windows, allows anglers to find spots and set waypoints, so they can easily return to desired fishing locations.

    The system not only synchronises waypoints, it allows users to add, edit and delete waypoints from the multifunction display’s database.

    The new sonar imaging system consists of a processing module, transducer and easy-to-connect Ethernet cable. The module features three additional Ethernet ports for viewing StructureScan HD images on up to three multifunction displays. The StructureScan HD sonar imaging module is protected by a two-year limited warranty, and backed by the five-year Advantage Service Program.

    Available from April 2012, the StructureScan HD sonar imaging module can be purchased from authorised Lowrance and Simrad Yachting dealers

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