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    Carpenter Technology Announces Sponsorship With AMF/Miss GEICO Racing

    High Performance Alloys making waves in offshore racing.

    Carpenter Technology Corporation today announced an alliance with AMF Riviera Beach, LLC, owner of Miss GEICO Racing. The Carpenter product sponsorship fosters technical collaboration between the two companies on the use of high strength, corrosion resistant alloys in high performance, offshore racing powerboats.

    As part of the sponsorship, Carpenter will provide its materials expertise and Custom 465® stainless, a premium alloy with a superior combination of strength, toughness and corrosion resistance for use in their high speed racing boat propellers, drive shafts and other components.

    “We seek to collaborate with industry leaders who can demonstrate the performance benefits of our proprietary materials and provide critical feedback to our development process,” said Andrew Ziolkowski,

    Senior Vice President – Latrobe Operations. “We are delighted to partner with world champion offshore racers, AMF/Miss GEICO.”

    Carpenter Custom 465 stainless, originally developed for aerospace, has since found its way into many applications within the medical, energy and motor sports industries. It’s an excellent candidate for use in propellers because it offers better corrosion resistance in marine environments while enhancing the performance of the racing boats.

    “We looked to industry leader Carpenter to help us develop and test the limits of high strength alloy systems,” said Gary Stray, engineering director for the Miss Geico Racing Team. “With 13,000 lbs. of mass moving at a football field’s length a second, my life depends on Carpenter to provide the best and strongest material possible in the water,” said seven time World Champion Driver Marc Granet.

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