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    kigo footwear Partnerships Solidify Company Sustainability Efforts

    kigo footwear, minimalist shoes for the barefoot lifestyle, was founded on a commitment to the highest levels of ecological innovation and accountability. The company strives for corporate efficiencies, sustainable materials and low impact manufacturing processes. Through partnerships with PLUS Compound Technologies (“PLUS”) and Soles4Souls, kigo footwear is taking another step toward true cradle-to-cradle classification for its products.

    Currently, the company maintains a simple, impactful three-pronged ecological responsibility effort:

    • kigo Working Philosophy (Avoid) kigo footwear keeps its carbon footprint at bay by minimizing things like extraneous travel, commutes and unnecessary printed materials.
    • kigo Packaging Philosophy (Reduce) We package kigos with minimal recycled wrapping and a slim recycled box; only what is necessary to protect the shoes.
    • kigo Product Philosophy (Reuse | Recycle) kigo shoes and packaging are crafted from a combination of recycled and post-consumer materials, including bluesign certified CYCLEPET, PLUSfoam, and environmentally friendly treatments, such as AsahiGuard E-Series repellent.

    “We are so excited about the kigo footwear Recycle-Reuse-Reward program. Through it, our company and our customers can complete the lifecycle of every pair of kigos,” said Kristin Serrano, co-founder of kigo footwear. “This partnership with PLUS Compound Technologies and Soles4Souls expands our commitment to ecological accountability and keeping the footprint of our shoes light.”

    The relationships with PLUS and Soles4Souls mean that all well-loved and well-worn kigos can be recycled and reused. Through the PLUS Recycle Program, kigo drive and flit models can be recycled through a process by which the worn shoes are broken down, fed through a grinder and remanufactured into another useful product.

    “kigo footwear was one of our first clients and working with them has been great,” said CEO Brett Ritter. “By using PLUSfoam, kigo has committed to manufacturing that produces the least amount of waste possible – and at the same time helping to save the planet one product at a time! We are looking forward to kigo consumers taking advantage of our Reclaim service, and to seeing people take advantage of the great purchase discount kigo has offered in return for their efforts. Any product made with PLUS Compounds can be recycled at Go kigo!”

    Every kigo shoe, regardless of model, can be sent to and reused by Soles4Souls. Still wearable kigos will be donated to victims of natural disasters or abject poverty, and kigos that are more worn will be distributed to micro-enterprise merchants in Haiti, Central America, South America or Africa who will refurbish and resell them. Even shoes that cannot be re-worn are broken down and the parts used by local craftsmen to make other products that can be sold to support the local economy.

    In an effort to encourage our customers to participate in the company efforts, kigo footwear will provide a 25% discount to everyone who recycles or donates their shoes through the PLUS Recycle Program or Soles4Souls.

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