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    KEP Marine Introduces Monitor Management Interface and Computer Accessories Line

    Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) Marine, the manufacturer of industry-leading marine sunlight readable displays, and high-quality marine hardware and software products, announced today its BridgeView Monitor Management Panel and line of computer accessories. The management system and accessories complement KEP’s renowned marine displays and computers, and round out the ultimate offering for a simplified command processing solution at the helm.

    Designed to enhance the use of its industry-leading crisp, clear and vibrant, no haze and no glare displays, KEP Marine’s BridgeView allows users to seamlessly manage KEP-branded monitors through a single color TFT touchscreen display. Offering simple control of several glass bridge displays, individually or as a group, the new enhanced BridgeView Monitor Management Interface allows mariners to use the panel to power monitors on and off, toggle between night and day viewing modes, change screen input signals and adjust brightness.  Easy to set up, the system can be tailored to meet specific user preferences and buttons can be preset to display predefined configurations such as docking mode, cruising mode or fishing mode. Now available in three models, a 4.3-inch (BV4), 7-inch (BV7), and 10.2-inch (BV10) display, the BridgeView monitor management panel has a reliable embedded Linux operating system and can be easily set to match a system’s network, language and IP addresses. The panel is also compatible with Gefen and Extron switchers including the SW series, via Ethernet connection, to allow for a wide variety of user-customized viewing possibilities.

    To enhance the convenience and reliability of operation, KEP now offers an extensive line of highly-rugged trackballs and keyboards for interfacing with its powerful computers in the harsh marine environment. Designed with a user-friendly multi-function layout, the Duralight Keyboard and Trackball from KEP Marine features 106-keys with separate numerical and control keypads, and integrates a large 2-inch (50mm) industrial-grade trackball. Available in panel mount and robust steel enclosure options, the keyboard and trackball system have low-power, high-brightness LED backlighting with enhanced fiber optics that features 8-level dimming to meet individual user preferences. The Duralight keyboard includes a PS/2 and USB cable, operates with standard system drivers and is sealed from water and dust ingress to the IP65 rating.

    KEP Marine’s extensive trackball offerings provide several options to meet users diverse preferences and on-the-water needs. Ranging from 2- to 1-inches in diameter, the compact balls are ideal for limited mounting space. KEP trackballs offer exceptional sealing characteristics to stand up to the harsh marine environments. Available with IP65, IP67 and IP68 ratings, the line features self-draining and removable models for cleaning. The trackballs also include a 7-color illuminated option, the latest generation of laser trackballs and several all-stainless steel models.

    “KEP’s new Bridgeview Monitor Management Panel, trackballs and keyboards make reliable control of all of our best-in-class marine computers easy and efficient,” said Keith Cariani, sales manager, KEP Marine. “Our new touchscreen display and input devices tie all of your displays to one set of controls for the ultimate in boat control and navigation.”

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