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    Extreme Kayaker Rides 30 Foot Wave Off Oregon

    Tao Berman has been described as “the best-known kayaker in the sport” by many big name magazines and newspapers. He advocates the sport of big-wave kayaking and other extreme kayaking sports. Most recently, he is known for making history surfing one of Oregon’s biggest waves in a kayak, achieving his goal of surfing the biggest ocean wave ever attempted in a kayak.

    According to his website, Berman has enjoyed sports with risk, which is part of the reason he got into kayaking, and probably a big reason why he’s pushed it to the extreme. He says fear has never been a part of his game and he doesn’t even think about getting hurt. “I would rather not get hurt but I don’t think I’m afraid of it,” Berman said. “If there weren’t risks in my sport I don’t think I would enjoy it.”

    For a man who continually pushes himself to the limit, it’s a surprise to hear that he’s announced retirement at only 33 years old. But that might mean that he spends more time doing other things he likes like motocross riding, rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking and more.

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