EcoGroomer X Volvo: Turning the Slopes “Green”

    In their final proposal to EcoGroomer, Bob Apple, Vice President for Volvo America stated “we will provide a demo engine to be used for prototyping and validation of the package” as well as significant engineering support for this product. Bob went on to say “we look forward to supporting you on this exciting project, and believe that we will meet your needs successfully”.

    The announcement comes just 3 months after the company announced plans to manufacture the first 60 units for delivery to resorts in the Rocky Mountain region in the coming year due to tremendous market demand. The product has been in development just over a year since conception and while it has undergone several design modifications during that time, the one thing that has not changed is the overwhelming interest by the resort operators and snow sports enthusiasts who want to see this innovation brought to market as soon as possible.

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