Austria Will Host 13th Longboard Classic

    In many cultures the number 13 is considered unlucky, while others celebrate it as a lucky number. For the – lo and behold – 13th Longboard Classic this fabled prime number seems to bring good luck, too! Current snow conditions in Stuben could not be better, and the snow base should be more than enough run the race as usual from the top of the Albona ridge.

    The Longboard Classic is the world’s biggest longboard and old-school event and absolutely unique in its distinctive charm: No matter if young shred, old dog from the early days or snowboard legends from all corners of the world – nowhere else the spirit of snowboarding is celebrated in a more authentic way than in Stuben during the LBC!

    The Longboard Classic Race starts at the Albona ridge at a height of 2,408 meters. After a Le Mans mass start riders take the direct route down the entire 1,001 vertical meters into the village of Stuben, where the prize giving in the various categories (master, old-school, new-school etc.) will take place. However, the LBC in Stuben is as far from a serious contest as Berlusconi is from commendable politics. Winning is not the highest priority, it is all about catching up with old friends, finding new ones, and having fun while snowboarding with like-minded people!

    To top it off, participants will be able to test longboards and the latest freeride equipment from selected brands on site. And the Mortal Kombat DJ crew will make sure to add a fitting soundtrack to the event.

    In order to speed up the registration process participants are well advised to sign up on the website. The list of participants will be published at It can be sorted by zip code, hometown, or name, which will make for easy car-pooling.

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