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    SnowSports Industries America Releases Mid-Season Report

    Few industries have access to current and comprehensive market data found in the Mid-Season Intelligence Report and particularly relevant for the snow sports market to consider while the season is in full swing. The SIA 2011/2012 Mid-Season Intelligence Report is available free to SIA members, as a member benefit, and available to non-members for $425.  Learn more here.

    “The snow sports market is very sensitive to weather and this season’s conditions are clearly having an impact on the market. We decided to provide our members with a comprehensive report on sales and participation during the season this year to keep them up-to-speed during this critical time in the buy-sell cycle, said Kelly Davis, SIA’s Director of Research. “The Mid-Season Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to measure the market, see emerging trends and make educated business decisions.”

    Snow sports consumer buying habits have been influenced by the lack of snow this season, however consumers continued to buy bringing December sales to  $2.2 billion, 2% below last season’s record sales but above August – December Sales in the 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 seasons.

    Sales between August and December were down 10% overall in units with pronounced decreases in accessories that consumers tend to buy on their way to the mountains including goggles, wax and gloves. Equipment and apparel traditionally purchased weeks/months prior to a mountain escape fared better with increased sales in major categories including alpine equipment, AT/Randonee equipment and insulated tops. Specialty shop inventories were up 16% overall, clearly showing the lag in sales. Additionally, specialty shop sell-through was down 10% overall through December as consumers waited for more snow to fall.

    Trends to Watch in 2011/2012

    • Reverse and mixed camber ski sales are up an astounding 75% in units sold reaching 87,000 pairs sold, making up 23% of all alpine skis sold through December this season.
    • Insulated parka sales are up 4% in units sold as non-participants head to chain stores and online to buy snow sports apparel as casual wear. Internet sales of insulated parkas are up 18% in units and 14% dollars sold through December.
    • In-season AT/Randonee boot sales are up 12% in units and dollars, while skin sales are up 10% in units sold and 12% in dollars sold.
    • Rocker snowboard sales account for more than 70% of all in-season snowboard sales this season. Sales of rocker boards increased 13% in units and 11% in dollars sold through December.

    The 2011 Mid-Season Report covers a variety of retail channels including snow sports specialty shops, chain stores and the Internet. The easy-to-follow analysis also features stand-alone chapters for alpine, snowboard, cross-country, telemark, backcountry-AT/Randonee, snowshoe, equipment/apparel accessories and apparel categories.

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