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    Coffee Home Direct Brings Luxury to the Woods

    What is it about coffee consumed outside of your tent, around a campfire, in the cool fog of a mountain morning that makes it taste so much better than if you were in the kitchen or a coffee shop? Is it the atmosphere? Is it a comfort that reminds us of home?

    I have been a loyal servant of the coffee industry for the last several years, sometimes stringing my consumption into the late afternoon. But there is something about being in the woods, getting ready to start the day for a hike, canoe or kayak trip, which makes your average cup of Joe taste like Christmas morning. I use the Folgers instant coffee: boil water and stir in packet contents (coffee). Simple as that.

    For the uber-serious coffee drinkers, who need more than just a cup of the instant stuff, Coffee Home Direct now offers an assortment of coffee makers suitable for the outdoors. From the French Press to the Handpresso Espresso, they brew up some durable, eco-friendly and stylish products for the coffee-crazed enthusiast who can’t do with out their morning, or afternoon, caffeine kick.

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