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    Jorn Siemen Aaboe Wins the Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest

    Huge Kicker, Masif tricks, Nice atmospehere and Easy riders that’s 12th Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest!

    Ski resort Park Snow Donovaly has experienced great snowboard show on Saturday. Fifty best riders from 9 countries of Europe came to encourage 1,500 fans who have created an unforgettable atmosphere. They managed to arouse professional riders; they were shown the tricks, what we can see here in Slovakia only once a year and this just because of the biggest and best snowboard snow – SONY ERICSSON SNOWBOARD FEST. The winner became 20 years old rider from Norway, Jorn Simen Aaboe.

    Jorn Siemen Aaboe stole the show with the switch backside double cork 1080 mute nose bone and massive backside double backflip 180. Second came Slovenian rider Aljosa Krivec with the sweet frontside 10 indy and backside 1260 mute. Third rider was from Austria. Mario Wagner pulled frontside 10 melon and ended his show with the huge backside 7 double grab.

    The biggest surprise and the greatest pleasure for me were, that finally, after more than six years of Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest was in Final, rider from Slovakia, Matej Matys. He had a huge amount of competition and went to the end of his forces. I am very happy. For me, it’s one of those top moments of this year. Said about evaluation ot the show its chief organizer Jozef Murín.

    The whole event culminated in the evening program in which ten finalists made so –called train – they were riding one after another, which feeds the fans almost to madness. The huge jump, which organizers built, enabled professional riders amazing tricks.

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