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    FITS Socks Supports Largest Ski Race in North America, the American Birkebeiner

    FITS Socks Co. with Full Contact Fit TM is proud to announce their sponsorship of the American Birkebeiner, “The Birkie,” is the largest ski race in North America and the fourth largest in the world. FITS sock will share with Nordic racers what a perfecting fitting sock feels like with Full Contact Fit TM.  As part of FITS Socks Co.’s involvement with the event, FITS coupons are included in the Virtual Race Bag participants receive. Attended by more than 15,000 participants and spectators, FITS will also offer socks for sale at the Birkie Expo. FITS Socks will also be co-sponsoring the Birkie Elite Sprints on Thursday, February 23.

    “It is an honor and privilege to sponsor a world class event such as the American Birkebeiner.  It’s our first year, and with the help of the Birkie staff, we are well positioned to further enhance our brand recognition. Thousands will have the opportunity to purchase our premium performance product and discover our superior FIT.” David Olson, FITS Socks Co., MW Regional Sales

    Now celebrating 39 years, The American Birkebeiner is the largest ski race in North America and the fourth largest in the world. Its two signature events are the 50K and 54K Birkie ski marathon races and the 23K Kortelopet race. For the longer races, that’s more than 30 miles up and down elevations that make this one of the most challenging courses in the world for elite and citizen skiers alike. The Birkie is the perfect proving ground for FITS Socks, the best-fitting sock on the market.

    Year round, other Birkie events and the world-famous Birkie Trail attract skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, hikers, and walkers of all ages, from casual day-trippers and families to elite, international superstars.

    “The American Birkebeiner is thrilled to have FITS Sock come on board as a sponsor. It’s great to be able to showcase their sock line for skiers, both at our Expo and in our Virtual Race Bag. Cross-country skiers are very particular and passionate about the socks they wear. Our staff has tried a variety of FITS Socks. On long-distance skis they are light, warm, super comfortable, and the fit is fantastic with that heel pocket. Great people to work with, too!”- Susan Kendrick, Media/PR Coordinator, American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation

    The only company to offer up to five size groups and Full Contact Fit TM, FIT promises better race performances for these three reasons: The Dynamic Toe CupTM, Heel Lock and Full Contact Cuff all control the most variables to ensure the right fit. These three critical elements translate to better performance for an athlete, pro, or participant. With the right size, socks won’t chafe or rub.

    From the top of the toes to under the ball of the foot the Dynamic Toe Cup conforms to the entire area leaving no excess material and no seams to interfere with comfort or performance. The Heel LockTM is a deep, anatomically correct heel pocket that anchors the sock in place preventing movement down onto the foot.
    The Full Contact CuffTM holds the sock up onto the lower leg; it accomplishes this with enough surface area along with a trapezoidal shape to match the shape of the leg, with the right amount of compression and stretch to allow it stay in place on the leg while the foot is in motion.

    FITS socks are made here in the America, in the Niota, Tennessee facility. They provide local employment for more than 160 local people. Founded in 1902, They are one of the oldest continuously run family mills still in existence. FITS is proud of their people and they are proud of the results.

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