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    Mountain Mama Announces Winners of Inaugural Outdoor Family Award

    Staying active in the outdoors requires gear. Add a little one to the mix and you need a whole new closet of goodies. To recognize and honor companies in the outdoor industry who support women and families to get outside, Mountain Mama is proud to introduce the Outdoor Family Award. Five categories of the award include Outdoor Parent, Nursing Mama, Outdoor Baby, Outdoor Kid and Outdoor Pet.

    Following the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in Salt Lake City, UT each winter and summer, Mountain Mama will announce a selection of the coolest products spotted at the show.

    “As an avid user myself, I found a need to recognize kid-friendly, mom-friendly outdoor gear. I believe being active in the outdoors is important for everyone, especially children. I love to see companies that support our next generation of outdoor enthusiasts,” says Teresa Delfín, CEO and founder of Mountain Mama. “People always ask my recommendation for great gear so I created this award as a way to share.”

    After the recently concluded Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2012, Mountain Mama is proud to present the following companies with the inaugural Mountain Mama Outdoor Family Award:

    OUTDOOR PARENT: Deuter Kid Comfort II Kid Carrier

    This carrier is an upgraded version of the bestselling, original Deuter Kid Comfort II.  New benefits include a pocket for a hydration-pack as well as a removable, washable chin pad perfect for soaking up the drool that pools when your kiddo surrenders to sleep. This pack carries beautifully and has a great suspension system that fits people of disparate heights, so parents can easily take turns carrying their little one.

    NURSING MAMA: HydroFlask 18 oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    It’s no secret that HydroFlask is the preferred water bottle around Mountain Mama HQ, but nobody has put one to the test as much as Delfín. Having breastfeed for 35 months (and counting), Delfín is always looking for gear to simplify nursing and pumping on the go. The wide mouth hydroflask is perfect for keeping pumped milk cold in the absence of a refrigerator. Just drop in a bag or narrow container of milk and fill the rest of the bottle with ice water. Stored like this, milk stays refrigerator cold for about 24 hours – perfect for road trips or when mama is on a multi-pitch route.

    OUTDOOR BABY: Klean Kanteen Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle

    Kudos to the folks at Klean Kanteen for creating a baby bottle that has it all.  BPA-free, stainless steel, wide nipples to mimic the human breast, hourglass shape that’s easy to hold, the ability to switch the nipple top for a lid, a washable surface you can document milk dates on, measurement makers that are legible from inside and outside the bottle, and dishwasher safe…what’s not to love?

    OUTDOOR KID: Lucky Bums Ski Trainer Kit

    If teaching your kids to ski has not been the idyllic bonding experience you dreamed of, it’s probably because you aren’t using Lucky Bum’s Ski Trainer Kit.  Next time, attach the Tip Clip to the kiddo’s skis, suit them up in the Ski Trainer harness, take the reins and let the fun begin. You’ll be amazed how much more enjoyable family skiing becomes when you can stop yelling, “pizza, pizza!” as junior careens out of control. There’s even a handle to make pick-ups easy after the inevitable spill, mittens and all.

    OUTDOOR PET: Cycle Dog Trail Buddy Bowl

    Not only will this flat-folding bowl keep your four-legged pal happy and hydrated, purchasing one will boost pride for buying a product made from recycled materials. Made in Portland, Oregon out of used bicycle inner tubes, this bowl is light enough to pack and rigid enough to keep from collapsing when full.

    Awards are determined based on needs and preference of Mountain Mama’s employees, product testers and brand ambassadors. All relevant products showcased at Outdoor Retailer are considered, and nominations are welcome. Winning picks can be new designs or classics – whatever gets the job done. None of the products chosen above were given to Mountain Mama as a promotional effort. Please visit for more information or email [email protected] to nominate a fitting product.

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