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    Chaos Hats Recognizes ‘Accessory Gals’, Sales Agency 2011

    Steamboat Springs, CO – Chaos Headwear announced the “Rep of the Year Awards 2011/12.” The awards were given to the group that had the best regional product sales and met the program criteria set for the year. The awards took place recently at the SIA- Snow Sports trade show in Denver, Colo., January 2012.

    The awards are based on set sales criteria for 2011: most new accounts, most pre-season orders and re-orders, co-brands, branding and new merchandising programs.

    The top winners from first place to third where: the ‘Accessory Gals’- Sherry Krum and Chris Parsons of the east Coast Seaboard (NY,NJ,PA,MD,DE,WA-DC) first time winners, and veterans to the winning circle. Next, was the ‘Best and Associates’ representing the Rocky Mountain Region (CO, WY, UT, NM.) and regulars in the top three. And another new first timer to the winners’ tier, in this competitive team racket, was John Clanton & Associates of the South East (VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN).

    “Each year this is an exciting event to reward and acknowledge the entire team at Chaos. Each season it is a neck and neck race to the top for the award trophy and bonus checks! There is not one weak link in our group and it is an honor to work with each group individually. We have never been more grateful to our nationwide team for excelling in a time that could have been more challenging,” Gary Supple, U.S. sales director for Chaos Headwear.

    Image: Dominic Chenilia, US marketing and sales director, Sherry Krum representing ‘Accessory Gals’ and Gary Supple, US director of sales

    In addition to selling more hats and racks, Sherry Krum expanded on the few elements that helped her group make the leap ahead this year. “The difference was the team management and the support we receive, it gets tighter and better each season. We have current dealers that ordered more and new dealers wanted to join. It is truly collaboration with my partner Chris Parsons and together we create the synergy. It is a fabulous effervescence to kick off the show!”

    As a new group to the top three we checked in with John Clanton, the third place finisher, to see what made the changes in his sales this year. “To be honest I am really surprised. There are a lot of people here that have more developed territories. This year we did open a number of new accounts; a few bigger ones and the past winters have built momentum. The buzz is out there and this supports sales and creates more demand across the nation. I am grateful and hope this winter cools off for retailers to move all their inventory and gain confidence for next season.”

    The ‘Best Associates’ agreed it was the team at Chaos that keeps them in the top three. “It is all team work-truly, teamwork from customer sales in Steamboat, the family operated Mill in Montreal to the guidance and support of our U.S. sales directors Gary Supple and Dominic Chenelia, and Tom Lorger in customer service.”

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