POC Sports Renews as Official Supplier to PSIA-AASI

    POC Sports and the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) have renewed their Official Supplier partnership in the helmet, eyewear, and body armor category through 2016.

    Headquartered outside of Stockholm, Sweden, POC Sports follows a mission to create quality products  to help save lives and reduce the risk of injury for gravity sports participants. The company prides itself on its unique line of body armor, helmets, and protective eyewear that is seamlessly integrated to provide the best protection possible. POC makes personal protection gear for all gravity sports athletes.

    “PSIA-AASI instructors provide many people with their first snowsports experience; their efforts to create lifelong skiers and riders are very important to the growth of our industry,” said Willie Ford,  director of marketing and promotions for POC. “POC is proud to be a partner of the association and advocate the work of instructors by providing them with quality protection products as they share their  passion for snowsports with their clients.”

    POC collaborates with engineers, materials specialists, neurologists, and back specialists to manufacture  the safest, most effective protection products possible. The company prides itself on doing everything  in its power to develop the most sophisticated and most protective products for gravity sports, including  its use of such premium protective elements as Aramid, EPP (multiple impact foam) and many others.

    “Safety is a huge part of an instructor’s job and POC’s mission aligns well with instructor’s needs on the  hill,” said PSIA-AASI Marketing Director Andy Hawk. “POC provides a safe, stylish option for our  members looking for an integrated protection solution; we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with them.”

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