686 Announces New Team Riders

    Los Angeles, CA–  Please join the 686 family in welcoming some new members to the roster of the Global Pro and Global Am team!  Canadian Phil Jacques, and Minnesota’s Ryan Paul round out the North American recruits; while Benoit Thomas Javid, Mario Wanger, and Felix Cadiou will all be flying the 686 flag in Europe for the remainder of the 2012 season and beyond.

    Phil Jacques is the newest member of the 686 Pro Team and needs no introduction. His parts over the last few years speak for themselves with his latest contribution being the closing section of the new Capita video “Defenders of Awesome“.  As 686 team manager, Patrick McCarthy says, “Phil works hard to put together some of the most progressive video parts in snowboarding and always has very diverse collection of shots that make his sections stand out.  He’s a rail slayer by nature coming from Canadian’s eastern region but also has heavy backcountry skills and knows just how to search out and destroy the backcountry, which is so important to putting out a well-rounded hammer section.”

    Phil also rides for Capita Snowboards, Vans, Spy, and Coal. Phil has a high level of commitment to shredding,  with his quiet style and attitude being a testament to that. Says Phil, “I am glad to be a part of something as big as 686. They’ve been in the industry forever and they are doing things right. I’ve been a fan of the brand since my first jacket that I bought from them when I was about 14. I have kinda lost track over the years but it feels good to be back! Thanks for wanting me in, we’re gonna do great things, I can feel it.”

    Ryan Paul is another proud addition to the 686 team.  Hailing from the great state of Minnesota, Ryan has been a fixture on the rail jam contest circuit over the past few years, winning countless events and always showing up with his patented progressive moves and unique way of showcasing his style.  His most recent accomplishment was a Silver X-Games medal in Street.  Ryan reached the podium with 686 teammate, Forest Bailey, who took the Gold.

    As McCarthy says of Paul, “Ryan’s easy-to-approach demeanor and outgoing personality really makes him the person that he is, but his riding does all the talking. When we snowboard with him people stop to see what new ideas and creations that he has up his sleeve. RP always has a smile on his face and a progressive way to view the mountains in front of him.”

    Ryan is just as pumped about 686 as we are about him.  He says, “Riding for 686 is literally a dream come true. 686 makes the coolest outerwear, and the stuff is beyond comfy. I’m stoked to be part of the team. Everyone is really fun to ride with and I look forward to the future!”

    Not to be outdone across the pond, we welcome Benoit Thomas Javid, Mario Wanger and Felix Cadiou to the 686 global am team.

    Ben TJ is a 21 year-old rider from Gap in France who likes to pile up hammer shots in the backcountry, street rails, and any other fun terrain that will cross his path. He recently scored the opening part of the new Hara Kiri Productions video as well as the cover of The Snowboard Mag. His favorite spots are the Vars valley and the Canadian backcountry. Ben also rides for K2, Electric and Landing Headwear.

    Mario Wanger is 23 years old and hails from Aschau in the Zillertal Valley in Austria.  In addition to 686, Mario is currently riding for  Flow, G-SHOCK, Moreboards, Pow-Gloves, Ice Tools, and Smith Optics.   Mario does a few contests here and there, with impressive top three finishes the last two seasons, but he spends most of his time with the Zillertal crew, pushing each other to the next big jump or location to film.  You can see it all on their website,

    Last but not least, Felix Cadiou is an 18 year old phenom from the South West of France, home of the Pyrenees Mountains.  Felix started riding when he was 8 and quickly got into boarder cross and then decided that free style riding was more his style.   Felix also rides for APO, Electric, Landing headwear, and ThirtyTwo boots.  Says Felix, “I don’t want to be stuck in a trend, what I like about snowboarding is the freedom and versatility that go with it : one day you can ride slopestyle, next day hit a powder run and then move to a street spot. There’s no routine, every day is a different page of your season and you’re free to write it your own way like an author does.”

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