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    Buy a Drink, Get a Ticket, and Race a Turtle at Wisconsin’s Wilmont Mountain

    Starting this Wednesday at 8pm, is Wilmot Mountain’s famous Turtle Races.  What are the Turtle Races you ask?  The Turtle Races is a fun bar event hosted in the Main Lodge Bar.  Everytime someone buys a drink, they receive a raffle ticket, in which they represent a turtle for one race.  If your turtle wins the race, you win a Turtle Race t-shirt.  If your turtle comes in last place, you win a free drink and a chance to play again.

    New races start every 15-20 minutes. There is a grand finale race every night, and the winner of the grand finale race gets entered in a raffle at the end of the year for a grand prize!

    Races start at 8pm every Wednesday in the Main Lodge Bar.  Age 21+ only.

    Check out a video of a Turtle Race HERE!

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