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    Marinalife Discount Program Expands: Card Holders Receive Instant Savings

    Marinalife is pleased to announce the expansion of their Discount Program. Now, card holders have access to thousands of discounts and a streamlined way to search for these discounts by key word, city, state, body of water, and category. Due to the growing participation of hundreds of marine industry services, the Marinalife Discount Program has expanded not only in the number of reduced prices offered but also the categories of discounts. These include savings of up to 50% on dockage, fuel, repairs, towing, service and maintenance, restaurants and more.

    Joy McPeters of Marinalife is pleased with the program, saying, “The discount program is another benefit that we can offer to boaters. Now, in addition to the online marina reservations, travel tools, and boater’s insurance that we provide, we also offer ways to save money. It fits perfectly with our mission to provide boaters with ways to enhance their boating experience, and everybody likes to save money.”

    To take advantage of these additional savings, all that is needed is the Marinalife Discount Card which can be purchased for just $23.99. Cardholders simply present the card to participating businesses to receive instant savings. The discount program is running in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America.

    For more information and to search for discounts, visit www.marinalife.com/discounts.

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