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    APALS All Purpose Adhesive Light Strip

    Brite-Strike Technologies is the established innovator of tactical lighting solutions and tools for police, military and civilian operators. For 2012, Brite-Strike introduces the APALS – All Purpose Adhesive Light Strip 10 PACK. The new unique patent pending crush proof flex-pack developed by Brite-Strike eliminates accidental activation, the biggest problem with chemical light sticks. Developed for our country’s elite military units the Flex-pack has been tested and proven to be very effective even in the most stringent conditions. The small and light weight flex-pack has 10 APALS and fits into the pocket of a sleeve or breast pocket. The APALS 10 pack were introduced for the hunting and sportsman’s markets at the SHOT Show.

    APALS, All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips with Active Illumination Reflective Technology, is a micro-thin LED light strip that operates in three modes; fast strobe, slow strobe and steady on. Completely weather proof, the hermetically sealed APALS are intended for use in the worst possible conditions. The APALS were designed by military operators searching for a low cost, ultra reliable, long lasting combat identifier and has been used in both the IR and visible light spectrum version by various law enforcement and military units.

    For the hunting market the Green APALS are the hottest trend for trail marking, and range markers. The Blue and Red APALS are extremely valuable for use in night operations without hurting your night vision. The APALS with the easy peel off and stick 3M adhesive have uses limited only by your imagination. Brite-Strike will be promoting these in 2012 with a heavy multi-media schedule in print, TV, online for hunting and outdoor sporting use. Brite-Strike will also introduce a FaceBook promotion so customers can post the way they used their APALS with the heading:

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