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    Crazy Creek Introduces Fun, New Animal Tracks Chair

    Crazy Creek is pleased to announce the introduction of their latest Original Chair print – Animal Tracks.

    This unique chair features 39 different anatomically accurate footprints of North American creatures ‘great and small’ from grizzly bear to pika. Among other animals included are wolf and fox, moose and caribou, bobcat and mountain lion, great blue heron and bald eagle, beaver, badger and yellow-bellied marmot. And, to add a little extra fun, there is also a human footprint and mountain bike tire track.

    This new print is sure to be popular with people young and old – not just boys & girls summer campers and families with children, but also anyone who enjoys the outdoors and the animals that inhabit it.

    The Animal Tracks Original Chair is part of Crazy Creek’s popular Adventure Line, and is built with the best materials for legendary comfort and durability.

    Crazy Creek Products is the creator of versatile, portable, comfort seating that is the choice among outdoors and sports enthusiasts. The company offers a complete line of chairs, hammocks, tarps, and other accessories for active pursuits, available at leading sports and specialty retailers worldwide.

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