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    Liquid Solution Launches Two New Eco-Friendly Hydration Products

     Liquid Solution, a division of Pacific Cornetta, has created two new earth-friendly products that will be available in spring 2012.  Both will launch at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in January.
    “We have seen an increased demand from our consumers and the marketplace for beverageware that is not only functional but that meets a high degree of eco-friendliness,” said Alex Liu, president of Pacific-Cornetta.  “Many people who use our products do so while enjoying the outdoors so we want to do our part to maintain the beauty of our natural environment.”
    True Fusion: Reducing Landfill Waste One Cup At A Time
    True Fusion is a new line of BPA-free eco-drinkware products comprised solely of biodegradable and recyclable materials including bamboo, corn and rice. The Bio Cup is 100% biodegradable and will biodegrade within one year of being placed in a compost bin. Available in seven and 15 ounce sizes, the Bio Cup also features organic ink printing. The unique material combination makes it extremely durable as well as dishwasher safe.
     “We created this line for both our consumers and our environment,” said Liu.  “We wanted to offer something that fit our consumer’s lifestyle and that they could also feel good about using.” The Bio Cup is available in a variety of trend colors; MSRP: 7 seven ounce 4 pack $9.99 and 15 ounce 4 pack $10.99.
    Sof-Flex: Light and Easy Hydration On The Go
    Constructed of 100% recyclable materials and BPA-free, The new Sof-Flex was created for the active consumer.  The thin plastic interior bottle and soft flexible sleeve make it great for lightweight hydration on the go and the foldable Sof-Flex is easy to store. The Sof-Flex comes in both standard and sports versions, both of which feature carabineers.  The sports version also features a pocket for keys or credit cards and a handle for added convenience. The interior bottle is top rack dishwasher safe and the sleeve is machine washable.
    “We see a growing market demand for bottles that are lightweight as well as easy to carry, fill and clean,” said Liu. “The Sof-Flex was created to meet this need for the active and eco-conscious consumer.”  The Sof-Flex has a 17-ounce capacity. Available in several trend colors; MSRP: Standard Sof-Flex (sleeve and bottle) $9.99; Sports Sof-Flex (sleeve and bottle) $11.99; Sof-Flex Bottle 2 pack, $4.99.

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