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    Eagles Nest Outfitters to Launch Retail and College Brand Ambassador

    Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), creators of nomadic outdoor and travel gear, is pleased to announce the launch of its Brand Ambassador Program that will hit campus and retail shops early next year. The program is a one-of-a-kind grassroots marketing initiative that will provide tremendous opportunity for boosting brand recognition on a college level, drive traffic and strengthen relationships with partnering retailers, support sales reps and their efforts, and provide opportunity for young, driven college students. After a successful beta test with Syracuse University, the Brand Ambassador Program will fully launch January 2012.

    The program was created by ENO’s Director of Vendor Relations, Adam Cohen, an Appalachian State University graduate, who first experienced ENO while on the school’s quad years ago. “It was not long before there were two, three, four hammocks popping up and soon I found myself a part of the relaxed masses,” states Cohen. This experience sparked him to cultivate a plan that is both rewarding to responsible students that are already passionate about the brand and reinforces relationships with brick and mortar stores that have made ENO the brand it is today.

    ENO’s program is unique in the way it benefits all partners. It is designed to give retailers a simple and effective way to bridge the gap between the outdoor and collegiate markets while supporting the sales reps by boosting brand awareness and giving them support at their local events.  ENO sales rep Chet Cisek says he “envisions the ENO Ambassador program as a tool to extend the influence of the retailer on college campuses all across the country.”

    The program was tested earlier this year at Syracuse University and was tremendously successful, helping ENO gain exposure in a territory where they were not as readily recognized. Ultimately, ENO hopes to see products in campus bookstores as well as in University Recreation Departments. The program is designed to drive ambassadors and reward them for their gusto, brand passion, and creativity by offering them bonus incentives aside from product. Rachel Augustine, ENO’s ambassador during the pilot program at Syracuse, said of the experience, “pioneering the ENO Ambassador program has been one of the most rewarding and learning intensive programs in which I have been involved.”

    The program will launch at universities and retailers in the southeast with plans to expand in the fall. “The beauty of this program is that it has no limit in terms of growth,” notes Cohen. “It’s all about being flexible and responding to the needs of our retailers and consumers alike. I feel confident that in a short period of time, ENO hammocks will be an unspoken requirement for students across the country.”

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