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    Pure Hydration Selects Rocky Mountain Survival Gear as First USA Distributor

    Rocky Mountain Survival Gear, distributor of camping and survival products now offers Pure Hydration to the United States market.  Pure Hydration is the manufacturer of the ultimate water purification survival tools.  These purifying systems use NO chemicals, have NO wait time and can be filled from any natural water source, with each replaceable filter producing the equivalent of 700 plastic water bottles.

    From streams in the high Country to unregulated tap water the Pure Hydration range of products are all you need to ensure you have access to safe drinking water anywhere, anytime.  The purifiers eliminate pathogens, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, fecal matter, sediments, bad tastes & odors and are capable of quickly turning up to 100 gallons of potentially contaminated water into safe, clean and great tasting drinking water.

    Pure Hydration offers their Purifiers in six different personal carrying modules; the Aquapure Traveller, the Thirst Aid Bag, the Inline Filter (which is compatible with both the Aquasak and the Armoured Reservoir), the Aquasak, the Survival4i Bottle and the Armoured Reservoir.  The Aquapure Traveller is a convenient hand held personal water purifier that weighs a little over five ounces, making it easy to fit in a pack or pouch.  The Thirst Aid Bag was designed with emergency use in mind and has been used all over the world during emergency disasters.  This bag will fold up to become compact for storage and easy transportation.  The Inline Filter is a compact and lightweight purifier that can easily be fitted into the delivery tube of the Armoured Reservoir, Aquasack and a majority of other hydration packs, including Camelbak, Source and Platypus. The Aquasack is perfect for backpackers, avid hikers and bicyclers.  The Aquasack is lightweight and fits you just like a back pack, it is great for light duty activities.  The Survival4i Bottle is the military version of the Aquapure Traveller.  This bottle is standard issued to the military and soldiers who find themselves in places where water quality is questionable or even dangerous.  The Armoured Reservoir is puncture/tear resistant and gives you all the benefits of a hydration pack in a simple reservoir.  This reservoir is ideal if you want a hands free hydration pack, without having to carry a whole separate system with you.

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