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    Jackson Kayak’s New Fun Runner Aims Solidly for Mainstream

    Just in time for Christmas, Jackson Kayak unveils a new model of whitewater boat aimed at delighting the river runner wanting a lightweight, easy to paddle, fun ride.

    The Fun Runner harkens back to a simpler time when there were fewer boat style choices. Contemporary design and materials deliver the joys of pure classic river running fun in a compact, lightweight package. The reaction to the boat also points toward the likelihood the Fun Runner will be a great boat for learners and less frequent paddlers looking to gently nudge their skill levels upward.  While Class I – III paddlers will find the boat confidence-inspiring and stable. Jackson Kayak founder and president Eric Jackson explained that after extensive on-water trials, the Fun Runner proves to have enough speed to make tough ferries, ample rocker for boofing, and enough volume to stay on the surface.

    There’s plenty for more seasoned boaters to enjoy as well.

    Former Olympian and kayak instructor Ben Kvanli was impressed that the Fun Runner smoothly carried him over turbulence and felt secure while surfing.“It was just rock stable on top of the water and faster than any new boat I’ve paddled recently,” Kvanli said. While Kvanli weighs in at just 145 pounds, another early Fun Runner fan, World Kayak ambassador Noah Fraser of Reno, tips the scales at 190 pounds.

    “It’s easy to squirt on eddy lines, big wave wheels and kickflips but still surfs lightning fast,” Fraser said. Reporting from a run on the Tobin section of the North Feather, Fraser said that even in the seriously swirly water that vexes creek boats, when landing in seams the Fun Runner resurfaced each time quickly and level.

    The Fun Runner will come in 60 and 70-gallon sizes. Standard outfitting includes  MSRP $1149. For complete product specifications on the Fun Runner and all of Jackson Kayak’s products visit the Jackson Kayak website.

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