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    Aloe Gator Sunscreen: The Only True Waterproof Protection

    The sunscreen of choice for surfers and water sports enthusiasts everywhere, Aloe Gator is the only truly waterproof sunscreen available on the market.  With full 8-hour protection, Aloe Gator sunscreens require a surfactant (soap) to remove, not just water, for real protection in real life.

    “Anyone who plays outside knows the importance of continuous coverage.  We can’t always remember or have the opportunity to reapply every time we’re out in the sun,” said Dan Dixon, Director of Sales for AGS Brands, parent company of Aloe Gator.  “Aloe Gator has owned the proprietary blend for over 25 years, with many manufacturers trying to buy our formula.  Aloe Gator products exceed all FDA specs and are extremely stable, for a sunscreen with no expiration date.”

    How does Aloe Gator work?  Confirmed by independent third party testing, the proprietary emulsion is linked together on a cellular level to form a bond that water can’t penetrate.  Not fresh water, not salt water, not sweat. Only the introduction of a surfactant can break the links.

    With new FDA rules taking effect in Spring 2012 regarding the labeling of waterproof sunscreen, Aloe Gator will no longer be able to say they’re waterproof, so they’ll just have to prove it.  For an easy at-home trial, use Aloe Gator waterproof sunscreen on half the body and your other favorite waterproof sunscreen on the rest.  Play in water all day.  See results.

    Aloe Gator waterproof sunscreen is available in a variety of formulas, including 15+, 30+, 40+ lotion and 40+ gel, the choice of surfers everywhere. Lil’ Gator also offers 40+ waterproof protection for kids. Hypo-allergenic, PABA-free, gentle aloe vera formula.  Recommended by dermatologists.

    Manufactured in a kosher, ISO 9000 certified facility, Aloe Gator uses no animal products, no animal testing, no known carcinogens.  The Aloe Gator line also includes an All-Natural option, Continuous Spray Cans, Quick Dry Sprays, Tanning Oil Spray, Zinc Oxide and Lip Balm with SPF in a variety of flavors.

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