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    New Perfect Circle Focused Flashlight from River Rock Designs

    Austin, TX – River Rock Designs, Inc., This palm sized highly-focused handy flashlight may be just the ticket for many.

    Robust and weather proof O-ring protected River Rock’s Perfect Circle Flashlight is made from tough anodized aircraft aluminum.

    The Perfect Circle Flashlight actually has a precision formed lens which projects a precise focused hard edge yet soft full moon shaped light beam making it ideal for close up inside and outside activities and yet provide illumination greater than tiny flashlights or keychain types. For example at 20 feet in our testing for this release the handy little light projected a, well, perfectly round 41-inch circle of light.

    “But wait, there’s more” –Ron Popeil.

    The Perfect Circle Flashlight can also emit a constant hands free flash (about 80 flashes per minute) for signaling.Thanks to the specialized lens the Perfect Circle emits light out of proportion to its small size and battery saving “power” rating.

    “The Perfect Circle is especially handy where you simply want to see what you are doing or where you are going without blinding yourself or others with too much power (see footnote). In fact in some cases it might make a very handy tactical map light, purse or back pack light.”–John Sedovic, President, River Rock Lights.


    • Material: Anodized dark green aircraft alloy aluminum
    • Size: Body diameter 0.8″; Head diameter 1.0″; Length 4.4″
    • Weight: 4.5 oz. including battery
    • LED Type: Ultra-quality 5mm Nichia white LED
    • Constant on: 30 hours
    • Flashing mode: 60+ hours
    • Included Accessory: Nylon wrist lanyard
    • Order Number: T-AL71AA
    • Price: MSRP $14.99 Includes oneAA Duracell battery.

    River Rock Designs, Inc.
    900 RR 620 South
    Suite C101-223
    Austin, TX, 78734
    [email protected]

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