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    NEMO Announces Gear Tester Contest Winners

    NEMO Equipment, Inc., a leader in designing innovative tents, sleeping pads and backcountry accessories, is thrilled to announce the winners of its Adventure Product Testing contest. The APT contest, launched through NEMO’s Facebook page, solicited gear junkies to submit a video and written gear review. Entries were then voted on by Facebook users and the NEMO team. Over 150 adventurers entered the contest; 13 were chosen to join the APT Team.

    “Woooooot! O wow, thanks! That was a great to start my day off! I can’t wait!
    I’m so happy I’m shaking,” said Nick Korda when he found out he won.

    “This is going to be a blast! I am looking forward to working with NEMO on this sleeping bag line,” said Bradley Wilson.

    “I’m excited and can’t wait to hear what I need to do to get going!” said Lindsay Bean.

    The inaugural APT Team hails from all parts of the US and its members include backpacking, surfing, sailing, trail running, dual sport, skateboarding, biking, hunting, canoeing, and skiing enthusiasts. The winners: Paul Owens, Bradley Wilson, Lindsay Bean, Gregory Goad, Nick Korda, Sean Clark, Eric Hall, Zachary Scheitel, Buck Holly, Gary Hochgraf, Nan Woodbury and Jonathan Heffron, will all be interacting directly with NEMO’s designers and engineers throughout testing.

    “We try to get as many different avenues of input into our design process as possible, and this contest not only formalizes the way we have worked with our customers for years, but gives me a direct line to our current users to ask questions and try out new and different cutting edge concepts. For me, I’m most excited about the real time communication and instant feedback. I think it will push the sleeping bag program far and fast,” said NEMO’s Director of Product Design, Suzanne Turell.

    Joining the customer gear testers will be NEMO’s current team of testers, ambassadors and some retail partners. Testing will take place throughout the fall and winter with final designs expected to launch in Spring 2013.

    NEMO was founded in 2002 by Cam Brensinger with the commitment to bringing the highest level of design and engineering to the world of outdoor adventure sports. In addition to its AirSupported Technology®, NEMO has patents pending for many of its products’ features and accessories. NEMO tents can be found at local, national and international retailers, including Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, and Campsaver.

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