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    Glidden Lake State Forest Campground in Iron County, Michigan Reopens

    Glidden Lake State Forest Campground in Iron County has reopened to campers after a temporary closure to allow the harvest of over-mature and hazardous trees, the Department of Natural Resources announced today.

    “Glidden Lake is a popular campground during the fall hunting seasons, and we are pleased to announce it has reopened for immediate use,” said Rich Ahnen, DNR fire supervisor for the Crystal Falls Management Unit. “Campers may notice DNR staff cleaning up branches and debris in the campground, but logging activity at the property has been completed.”

    The timber harvest allowed for the removal of over-mature trees, which can pose a hazard to campers, especially during periods of high wind. Removing over-mature trees also opens up the forest understory, allowing for the growth of younger trees.

    For more information about Glidden Lake State Forest Campground or the completed timber harvest, contact Rich Ahnen at 906-563-9042.

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