Colorado's Barr Lake State Park Opens Bird Banding Station

    Brighton – The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s (RMBO) Education and Bird Banding Station at Barr Lake State Park is open to the public, through Sunday, Oct. 9, from 7 a.m.-11 a.m. The station is closed on Mondays. Discover a songbird’s amazing life story by visiting the bird banding station.

    See migrating songbirds up close, learn how they make a living, discover where they spent the summer, discuss where they are headed for the winter, and explore what these birds might encounter along their journey.

    The station is a short, five-minute walk from Barr Lake Nature Center. Be sure to stop in the Nature Center, open Wednesday through Sunday, to discover a variety of interesting bird exhibits. School field trip opportunities are available through RMBO by calling Cassy at 303-659-4348, ext.15.

    Experience real-life research in action as RMBO biologists learn about migration patterns of colorful and often difficult to see in the field songbirds. With these birds in hand, biologists gather scientific data by measuring, weighing, identifying, aging, and banding the individuals. All the data gathered is submitted to the United States Geologic Survey Bird Banding Laboratory in Maryland, the North American repository of bird banding information.

    Just as a welcoming bed and breakfast provides essential rest, relaxation, and sense of home for weary travelers, Barr Lake State Park offers crucial food, water, shelter, and space for birds with all kinds of travel plans. Feel the joy of flight as you watch a banded migrating songbird be released to continue creating its life story as it journeys to its winter home.

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