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    New Online Learning Center Helps Boaters

    Shakespeare’s new online Learning Center makes it easy and fun for boaters to better understand antennas, related accessories, and basic troubleshooting. The array of videos, sound bites, and other media files is at www.shakespeare-antennas.com/media.

    The videos, featuring Sport Fishing TV’s Dean Travis Clarke and Shakespeare’s Chris Catoe, cover educational and maintenance topics. Owners can learn about VHF, AIS, AM/FM, and TV antennas, plus Shakespeare’s sophisticated Phase III products. Accessories such as speakers and mounts are also explained. An overview of how to install a PL-259 connector and a marine antenna troubleshooting video round out the library.

    Shakespeare believes the best way to judge the quality and performance of its antennas is with a discerning ear. In the Audio Library, recorded transmissions on unedited, real-world sound clips are narrated by marine communications legend Gordon West. They demonstrate the strength and clarity of Shakespeare antenna signals under various conditions. This can help owners understand how things such as antenna height and gain affect signal reception.

    Boaters inevitably have questions, so Shakespeare’s expert team addresses the more common scenarios about marine antennas and

    communication on the FAQ page. It includes sections on marine VHF, CB, TV, and cellular antennas. General questions such as, “Can I paint the antenna?” and, “What is antenna gain?” are also addressed.

    In the Document Library, owners can choose an antenna, mount, or accessory by style number to review product information, instructions, and manuals. The Shakespeare catalog can be viewed online in this section, or downloaded as a PDF.


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