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    FTL Solar Launches New Website

    AUSTIN, TX – Sept. 2, 2011 – FTL Solar announced the launching of a new consumer focused website which will better educate potential buyers on the product attributes and benefits of the POWERFOLDTM and POWERMODTM Solar Chargers. As the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated solar structures and fabrics, will be a reliable source for the latest in solar technology.

    The site will feature photos, videos and other user information which will not only educate consumers on the obvious benefits of reducing the carbon footprint, but will also help them to understand how the technology works and what unit will best fit their individual needs. The site will show that FTL Solar’s products have been used by the military for over two decades, so anyone leading an on-the-go lifestyle, especially off the grid, can have confidence in the benefits of a power source that is scalable, sustainable, secure and renewable.

    “We realize that the idea of using portable solar energy in our everyday lives is a new concept for most people” stated Tony Saxton, FTL Solar CEO. “And as always, new technology has its own challenges when introducing a product like the POWERFOLD or POWERMOD. We think our new website can help in shortening that learning curve and deliver the confidence people need to buy our products.”

    Visit for a short overview video of FTL Solar or to see a complete list of details, visit Several of the POWERFOLD units are available at, with all other units available by calling FTL Solar direct at 800-385-7697.

    About FTL Solar, LLC

    FTL Solar, founded in 2006, is the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated solar structures and fabrics. FTL’s power generating structures adapt to a variety of uses, from small temporary installations that power laptops, cell phones, water purification and sanitation systems, to large scale installations used for rooftops, parking lots and solar farms. All products are solutions-neutral, and can easily integrate advances in the photovoltaic technology. FTL Solar, LLC is a 100% vertically integrated company offering design financing, engineering, consulting services; installation and maintenance services on an international scale. Contact Mike Brozgul, Director of Business Development, 1327 Congress Avenue Suite 200, Austin, TX 78701. Phone 800-385-7697. Email Brozgul at [email protected]. On the Internet, visit

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