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    FTL Solar Introduces Solar Charging Units

    AUSTIN, TX – August 23, 2011 – FTL Solar announced the introduction of two new products developed for the active outdoor enthusiast – POWERFOLD™ and POWERMOD™ Chargers. Designed and manufactured in the USA to meet military standards, these two products deliver solar harnessing technology to the field capable of powering or trickle charging anything from a cell phone and laptop to portable appliances, ATV’s and boat batteries from any place on the planet where the sun shines.

    The POWERFOLD 5-70 was developed with the small electronics market in mind; iPods, cell phones, laptops and GPS devices. This unit folds down to less than an inch thick and folded outer dimensions of 8” x 14.5”. The 4.8 Watt version weighs only 4 oz. with the larger 68.33 Watt version weighing in just under 4 lbs., making this a must-have on the equipment list. MSRP starts at $92.44.

    The POWERFOLD 150-1000 Watt Blanket Charger delivers for those that need a much higher output. Capable of powering equipment such as portable appliances, ATV’s, and boating equipment, this changes the way you live outdoors. This unit is available in 150 to 1000 Watts and also folds down to manageable sizes and weights for anyone looking to spend extended periods of time off the grid. MSRP starts at $1,800.

    The POWERMOD 300-1000 carries much of the same capabilities as the POWERFOLD 150-1000 while adding in the comfort of shelter. These portable, fully wind and rain proof tents are the perfect way to create portable power no matter the location. Available in 300 to 1000 Watts, these tents become an instant base camp capable of powering fans, heaters, water purifiers, pumps, computers, tools, lights and more. MSRP starts at $3,750.

    “We have been developing this technology with the military for over 20 years, but with the rapid growth of electronics in the outdoors we felt it was time to share our technology,” exclaimed Tony Saxton, FTL Solar CEO. “We are excited to offer a green, yet convenient, solution to people that care about the environment and sustaining our natural resources for generations to come.”

    Visit for a short overview video of FTL Solar or to see a complete list of details, visit Several of the POWERFOLD units are available at, with all other units available by calling FTL Solar direct at 800-385-7697.


    FTL Solar, founded in 2006, is the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated solar structures and fabrics. FTL’s power generating structures adapt to a variety of uses, from small temporary installations that power laptops, cell phones, water purification and sanitation systems, to large scale installations used for rooftops, parking lots and solar farms. All products are solutions-neutral, and can easily integrate advances in the photovoltaic technology. FTL Solar, LLC is a 100% vertically integrated company offering design financing, engineering, consulting services; installation and maintenance services on an international scale. Contact Mike Brozgul, Director of Business Development, 1327 Congress Avenue Suite 200, Austin, TX 78701. Phone 800-385-7697. Email Brozgul at [email protected] On the Internet, visit

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