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    Revamped Fieldline Website Makes it Easier to Target the Hunting and Outdoor Gear You Need

    To be a success outdoors, the avid hunter must spend some time indoors, surfing the Internet to track down the rugged gear he or she needs to spend long hours out in the field. Now, with the introduction of a newly envisioned and implemented Website, the experts at Fieldline® have made it easier to quickly spot and flush out the highest quality backpacks, waist packs, women’s gear and hydration packs.

    It all starts at the Home page, where bold, gray-toned images of field, forest, game and hunters set the stage to a hard-working site, one with all the information you need to evaluate and purchase your next pack. Roll your mouse over one of the four categories(as mentioned above: Backpacks, Waist Packs, Women’s Line and Hydration) and you’ll see a thumbnail image and name for each product. Simply click on a pack that interests you, and you are whisked to a product information page, complete with everything you need to know about the gear – dimensions, features, available colors and patterns, additional views, and lifetime warranty.

    Along the right-hand side of the product information page is a “You May Also Like” list, suggesting other quality Fieldline products that can make your weekend hike or annual hunting trip one of your best ever. On the Premium 3 Day Pack page, for example, five other items are recommended for your consideration, such as a convenient and sturdy Sportsman Seat and a super-handy iPhone Belt Clip Phone Case, the perfect way to tote, protect and access your Smartphone. Rounding out the user-friendly site is a handy ‘search’ feature that allows you to quickly find items by name along with a ‘where to buy’ icon where it’s easy to find a dealer near you.

    Since emerging as a top manufacturer of hunting gear in 1973, Fieldline has led the way in innovation and service. Visit their newly launched Website to discover how Fieldline continues to put quality – both in gear and in serving their loyal customers – first, and to learn more about the company’s indispensible hunting gear and accessories. Contact: Fieldline at 1919 Vineburn Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90032 •

    Telephone: (800) 438-3353.

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