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    Lund Fiberglass: the driest, most stable and fishing-focused boats built

    New York Mills, Minn. – The initial reaction of that lucky angler who first stepped foot in a Lund boat back in 1948 was “finally, a boat built for me, a red-blooded fisherman.” Over 60 years later, every angler who captains a Lund quickly comes to realize these legendary watercrafts are still engineered to run like stallions and fish like grizzlies.

    So when the trusted boat manufacturer launched high-performance fiberglass models, the first mandate was that all of Lund’s signature fishability-features form the baseline of design. Once Lund’s promise to provide the ‘ultimate fishing experience’ was achieved, the master craftsman cross-pollinated with fiberglass DNA, subsequently acquiring the traits that make fiberglass boats preferred by select anglers.

    The full armada of Lund fiberglass boats has been heralded by some of the biggest names in professional tournament fishing, too. Why? Because the Lund Fiberglass Series is masterminded to truly tender those traits: bone-dry and comfortable ride, unsurpassed stability on the fish and on the fly, and all while boasting the most angler-ergonomic interior of any fiberglass boat on the market – Lund’s solutions for saving space and their intelligent design blueprints are unrivaled in aluminum and fiberglass.

    “I’ve fished in steep waves on Lake Erie, the ominous seas of Lake Oahe, and all waters in-between from most brands and designs of fiberglass boats. None compare to my Lund,” says 21-year tournament veteran Captain Mark Brumbaugh. “So dry, so smooth running, and I can honestly say the interiors of all Lund fiberglass boats are engineered with the angler in mind, in every aspect, from the stableness of the bow casting platform, spacious stern and rear decks you won’t smack your shins on, to cavernous cargo space to get my gear out from underfoot.”

    The 20-foot 8-inch 208 Pro-V GL, 19-foot 7-inch 197 Pro-V GL, 18-foot 6-inch 186 Tyee GL, and 18-foot 6-inch 186 Fisherman GL all sport the unmistakably smooth ride of Lund’s famous IPS (Integrated Power Strake) 2 hull design to bolster maneuverability and performance at high speeds, while brandishing the slicing skills to part rough water like a Ginsu® knife through a ripe tomato. And the 96-inch beam on the fiberglass Pro-V’s and aircraft carrier-like 98-inch beam on the Tyee mean you’ll be fishing from a stable platform, concentrating on the bite, not balance.

    Both fiberglass Pro-V models come equipped with a 60-gallon gas ‘reservoir’ to power up to a 300-hp outboard motor on the 208 and 225-hp on the 197, so you can fish all day without as much as a worry about stopping for a fill – the fiberglass Tyee has a 40-gallon tank to fuel up to a 175-hp outboard for all-day fun on the water. All four models come standard with rod storage for 11 combos, and so much dry storage space you could virtually open a sporting goods store.

    What’s this all mean to the ardent angler? No matter which model in the Lund Fiberglass Series you’re casting from, you’ll be fishing from the driest, most stable and angler-friendly vessel on the water.


    As an added incentive, Lund is offering FREE motor upgrades on the 186 Tyee GL and 186 Fisherman GL! Purchase either model and you’re automatically eligible to upgrade the sporty 150-hp Mercury Verado to the brawnier 175 Verado at no additional charge. More lean muscle without exercising your wallet. Contact your nearest Lund Dealer for details.


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