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    Department of Environmental Conservation Announces Changes at the Boradalbin Boat Launch

    Changes in operations at the Broadalbin Boat Launch Site on Great Sacandaga Lake are now in effect, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today.

    A portion of the parking and waterfront at the state-owned site had been managed by the Town of Broadalbin as a swimming beach under an agreement with DEC. The Town has decided that it will no longer operate the swimming beach at this location.

    DEC will now manage the parking area of the former beach for fishing access and car-top boat launching and retrieval only. Boaters without trailers are encouraged to launch their boats in the former beach area and park in the nearby parking area rather than using the main section of the Broadalbin Boat Launch Site.

    This area will be open from 5 am to 10 pm to reduce littering, vandalism and other illegal activities at the site. DEC Environmental Conservation Police will patrol the area regularly to enforce against illegal use and activities.

    Signs have been posted clearly designating the preferred area for car-top boat launching and parking for fishing access and boater’s vehicles without trailers. The hours that the car-top boat launch area is open are also clearly posted.

    The change in operation will reduce congestion in the main section of the very popular Broadalbin Boat Launch Site. Fewer vehicles will need to use the ramps to launch boats and more parking will be available for vehicles with boat trailers. Parking in the main site is for vehicles with boat trailers only.


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